Dealing with transitions and change with the New Year

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The beginning of a new year can bring about transitions and change or the desire for it. While the beginning of a new year can represent many things, its meaning, significance or lack thereof can also be impacted by many factors such as your perspective. While we can acknowledge the end of another year, we can also acknowledge that many things may still be the same. The ending and beginning of things can bring up many emotions and it can be helpful to acknowledge them all.

End of year reflection

 Are there things that you are hoping to begin this year? What things will you have to end or change in order for that to happen? Pause and give yourself the space to reflect on the things that may have ended last year, the things that are continuing and the things that you want for this new year. 

If you have not been told this yet, whatever you are feeling about the new year is valid. If you are needing some additional support beyond what your current support group has been able to provide reach out licensed professional.

Be Well,

Ebony Skinner, LPC

Disclaimer: This blog post is not intended to substitute treatment by a Licensed Professional.